Candle Refill System

The "Candle Refill System", created by KORONA Candles S.A., is a unique system of replaceable scented/unscented refills for candle holders and glass containers. The combination of two elements (a refill and a candle holder or glass container) enables easy replacement of refills, allowing for diverse candle compositions.

What is the difference between the Candle Refill System and the classic scented candles?

  • A possibility to reuse a candle holder multiple times without the necessity of arduous removal of candle remains from the container, as encountered with classic scented or unscented candles offered in glass containers.
  • Combinations of replaceable refills and candle holders or glass containers under the "Candle Refill System" enable use of diverse shapes of glassware and interesting ornaments.
  • A possibility to make savings in the household budget as a result of reusing candle holders or glass containers when only refills are replaced.
  • A possibility to reuse your favourite candle holders when using refills offered under the "Candle Refill System".