Scented sticks

Scented sticks are perfect for those who like to create their own fragrance experience. It’s a wickless product that uses highly concentrated perfume oil, is ready for immediate use and suitable for all fragrances vases. It is characterized by adjustable fragrance intensity, decorative design, long lasting fragrance (up to 6 weeks) and easy maintenance due to no risk of spilling. It uses the positive characteristics of decorative air fresheners already existing on the market and eliminates its negative characteristics.

Scented sticks of different fragrances can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways and used together. This gives everyone the opportunity to create their own compositions and fragrance experiences.

No unnecessary solvents are used during the production of the sticks, which makes the product eco-friendly. Additionally, the product is save for children because it doesn’t contain any parts that can be swallowed.

The photographs below show a selection of our wide variety of scented sticks.