Candles in containers

We offer wax-poured candles in glass and ceramic containers in a large variety of sizes and colours. Depending on individual preferences the Customer has a wide choice of containers and wax fillings as they are available with different glass decoration, in a one-wick and multiple-wick varieties, in different colours, unscented or scented, with a large variety of fragrances to choose from.

What is particularlyy attractive about this group of products is that they are available in a large variety of retail packaging options. The Customer may choose simple, single-colour labels or fancy packaging with decorative patterns for visually appealing gift sets.

The photographs below show selected items from our broad variety range of candles in containers.

Candle in traditional cylindrical glass

Candle in round glass decorated with frosting effect in colour and white print

Candles in square glasses with decorative label

Candles in square painted glasses

Candles in glasses packed into cardboard boxes with decorative print

Mini candles in glasses packed into transparent PET box

Candle in jar with a glass lid and a label

Candle in canning jar with a decorative label

Big candle in traditional cylindrical glass with metal lid and decorative label

Tin candle with decorative labels